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  • Reisen nach Großbritannien

    Wundervolle Reisen nach Großbritannien - Traumhafte Landschaften -

  • Reisen nach London

    - Die pulsierende Weltstadt London bei Nacht -

  • Reisen nach Schottland

    - Castle Stalker - Loch Laich, Appin, Argyll & Bute, Schottland -

  • London Reisen

    - Regiment der Scots Guard während der "The Changing of the Guard" Zeremonie am Buckingham Palace in London -

Individual travel planning

CARUS Travel offers a multitude of ideas to travellers in the UK. Whether you wish to discover cultural events, amazing gardens, palaces, mansions all exclusive and luxurious. Perhaps travel on the orient Express or a gourmet tour of the Cosmopolitan city of London. Anything is possible at CARUS Travel we work to ensure your holiday dreams come true.


The smallest detail is always important many travel operators cater to a mass market with fixed quotas and prices. Our experience shows us the majority of customers have their own ideas of what they wish for and expect from their holiday. CARUS Travel offers wide range of options however we are aware we have not covered all avenues and travel combinations. We are very happy and obliging to revise any itineraries on an individual bookings basis down to the smallest detail ensuring your complete satisfaction.


A lot of time effort and love is put into planning organizing and booking your perfect trip, while providing an excellent price performance ratio. Perhaps you have specific ideas for travel in the UK, please tell us and we can create and plan a totally bespoke proposal catering to all your wishes. The more details and ideas you give us, the more knowledge and understanding we can apply to ensuring the perfect combination for your holiday.


Our goal is to ensure your trip to the UK is a fantastic unforgettable experience.